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  • Statement from the National League of the Blue Party


    We strongly oppose the right of self-rule of the city of Addis! !!!

    The life of the Ethiopian people is being sacrificed by the TPLF / EPRDF in 100 per cent, in the context of the real situation of freedom, equality and democracy. Murders, mass murders, and deportations of the people who claim to be the hardest way to confuse this fundamental change. He did it primarily. In this regime's inhumane treatment, this new constitution also appears to impede the Ethiopian people's demand for a change in the status quo.
    The Council of Ministers of the Council of Ministers was drafted in a decree designed to ease the political crisis against the people of the country, which was largely unchallenged against the goals of the Article 49, and was not based on information and study.
    According to the media's ruling, the party involved in this proclamation is the Oromia Regional Government, ODAD, the Addis Ababa City Administration and top government officials. EPRDF, who ruled Addis Ababa and 100 percent of EPRDF, won in Eid al-Adha, Participation and other activities such as AEDP, DSA and the TPLF are not intended to be an integral part of the draft constitution. Said that the expansion of the Addis Ababa Master Plan would be paid to the Oromo ethnic minority farmers, who would be compensated for the displacement and future release of those who were displaced. This meant that they did not have the right to compensation for the loss of Oromo Ethiopian farmers due to the expansion of Addis Ababa Master Plan. This term is unacceptable as the constitutional right of citizens to work and generate wealth.
    Article 49/5 of the Constitution provides for the provision of services, natural resource use and common administrative issues, but this draft decree is contrary to this article to the constitution of the people of Addis Ababa for the self-preservation of the constitution of the people of the people by the Oromo people. It is an abominable proclamation that makes the people uncomfortable and uncomfortable in their own homeland.
    According to the proclamation, the Oromia regional government in Addis Ababa has the right to register for the right to register. In the year 1994, the TPLF / EPRDF party won a landslide election victory in Addis Ababa, the current president of the organization, Meles Zenawi, was elected to the Oromia Regional State, Violated the constitution, violated the constitution of the Oromia Regional State, violated the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, violated the constitution, and transferred it to Addis Ababa. This decision is not binding on the constitution, and therefore should be ratified. No, it does not.
    According to the Federal Constitution, 9 states and two city administrations have been established in accordance with Article 49/2 of the Constitution, and the right of the people to govern themselves and the language of their own language is clearly stated by the people of Addis Ababa and their representative bodies. This constitution is a violation of the Constitution of Addis Ababa The proclamation of the working language in the federal government itself is unacceptable under Article 9 of the Constitution. Furthermore, in Addis Ababa, the language of Oromo employment is created in Addis Ababa, where the children of non-Oromo were born. It is unacceptable for the job to be fostered in order to give preference to the Oromo people, leading to the creation of an unnecessary conflict of interest between citizens.
    According to the above manifestations, this draft law has no legal and legal basis, so that the Oromia Regional Government and Adama Regional State have the right to honor the constitutional rights of the State and to abolish the administration of the State in accord with the constitution of the region. We strongly urge that social development will be carried out. Finally, the draft proclamation TPLF / EPRDF will clearly show neither the capacity nor the desire for a return to the Ethiopian basic human right. DAMAGE In addition to all of the advantage to hold realized that his actions fall back on the public kemefemi. Therefore, we urge the people of Ethiopia, especially the people of Addis Ababa, to unite the dictatorship and to unite the dictatorship of the free, equal and democratic government of Ethiopia.
    Victory to the Ethiopian People!


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  • Tedros Kassahun (Teddy Afro), released his fifth album

    , "Ethiopia", which has sold out from 50 birr to 100 birr last Wednesday.

    The website, called "cdbaby", which sold the album for $ 10 on the Internet, has revealed that the musician’s  album broke the record of all Ethiopian albums.

    Generally, the first half of the album was released and half a million albums were released later on, and the album has created a good opportunity for CD-ROM sellers.

    We were told to sell the audio album on Wednesday morning about 2:00 pm, and we had to sell the album for a while. He also sold more than 50 percent of the album for every single one hundred birr, starting from 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM. He also said that some retailers sold at 80 and 70 birr.

    A taxi driver who bought the album said that he had gone to the bus stop at around 12 am, because he didn’t to miss the album.

    On the book known as "love for the true Oromo and Amara," affirmed by Dear Sister Tolossa on her Facebook page: "Why do you love Tewodros Kassaune and music for the people?", In the last 25 years, the music is anti-racism.

    Zedealen Tadesse, a great writer, wrote that Atse Tewodros has been re-announced as "King Tewodros." The Ethiopian nationality of this song has been highly prized. Most fans of the artists posted on their Facebook page that they liked music of national content.

    "Ethiopia" album, produced by the newly established "Kolia CD and DVD-maker" in the Dukem Industry Zone, was launched in the newly established "CDA CDDD DVD-maker", which has been filmed by CD-ROM.On the last Tuesday, regional and local merchants said that we were waiting for a long line of waiters, who were paying a bunch of banknotes when they came to register.

    According to some sources, the album was delayed for two weeks to change to the existing carbon market, which is said to have been delayed for two weeks. . The 500,000 booklet was made every fourteen dollars, and the staff of the temporary workers agreed to pay a 20-cent coin to cover one cup of wine. For the bucket and the baking work, it is 5 m. The bill was also disclosed.


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  • Vehicle abusive dogs

    By Daniel Kibret

    Those who want to get married but don’t know what to do if they get married

    If they get the money they want they don’t know how to manage the money, those who want to go to foreign countries but don’t know what to do when they get there, those who want to finish school but they don’t know what to do when they do. They just want to be wealthy but don’t know what to do when they be one.Those who want to have power but don’t know how to run it. Those who open Facebook account for no good reason. Those who want information but don’t know what to do with it are called Vehicle abusive dogs.

    Getting married is one thing, and marriage is another.

    It is one thing to generate money and establishing an institution is another. It is one thing to be famous and living as a respected is another.

    It's one thing to stay the same way and being excited is another.

    They said that there was a farmer who had a dog.

    Every time it got to the side of the car, it was screaming to grab the car,

    the neighbor heard, he said, "is your dog a stupid one,why is  it trying to grab the fast car? Well, Do you think you can own a car? "


    The owner of the dog laughed and said: "I am not surprised

    If he continues to do so, one day he will pick up one car,

    It's another thing that amazes me.” The neighbor said, “From here

    What worse thing would you say? " The dog owner said, “I would be surprised if he could find the car for any day".

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  • The National Assembly of the Blue Party convened the regular meeting!!!


    (Subcommittee of the National Council of the Communist Party)

    On June 11, 2009, the National Council convened a meeting on internal issues of the party and various national issues, and Yelkal Getnet, the Mayor of the May 12, 2009, ICRC, "The Revolutionary Movement in the Ethiopian and Tigrean Degradation". The title has been going on from the last post on your article.



    1. If the TPLF / EPRDF's perceived hostility and self-confidence have gained public ground and are out of control of the TPLF, will the TPLF use a coup?


    2. Is there a chance In the TPLF / EPRDF's thorough review, it is possible to expedite the wave of change and to accept the international community's acceptance of a 20% share of the parliamentary seats in opposition to the national interest and support for the national interest for the benefit of the national interest. 


    3. How much are the political forces in the country able to support the pro-democracy movement with regard to the TPLF / EPRDF control?


    4. How did the Burkina Faso government win over the transitional government instead of the government in Ethiopia?


    5. The TPLF / EPRDF is thought of as a contender for the participation of Tigray politicians, activists, journalists and most scholars by Dr Tewodros Adhanom for leading the World Health Organization, but in the same way as the Tigray-led, in-the-fold, and the siege mentality created by the Tigrayans. How is Pythagoras and Civil War?


    6. Will the TPLF / EPRDF be unlikely to begin a war with Eritrea to counteract the rising protests?

    After a lengthy discussion, the National Assembly convened a meeting to present a detailed discussion paper on the Bilateral Governmentin preparation for the Subcommittee.


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  • Amazing Story of the Doctor


    A Doctor who was called in for emergency surgery came to the hospital. He went to the clinic where the operation will be carried out.

    As he went in, the boy's father was angry with the doctor's delay.

    After arriving in the room, the father said, "Do you have a reason to be this late?" "Do we have to wait for you while my son is suffering like this, he cloud have died if you were any later.?" "Medallion vows, I'm going to check-up, do not you take a little responsibility?" The father yelled at the doctor.

    The doctor tried to smile and said, "I'm sorry, I was far away from the hospital, but when you called, I got here quick, so please calm down now, okay, I have to work."

    The person was more irritated by the doctor's reply. "How do you feel if your child is found in this kind of situation?" "Tell me, do not you feel that your son is just a child and his life is gone?" said the father with his anger out of control.

    The doctor still smiled and said, "The Lord is the only one to save your child from death, and the medical professionals are not capable of sustaining their lives, and we are still trying to save your child's life with the help of God."

    Father is still speechless. "It's easy to give that advice," he murmured, "the one who has no problem can give it."

    The doctor worked on the baby for hours, and then called the father and said, "Thanks to the lord, your child has undergone a successful operation, and if you have any question, ask her, she is a nurse, and now I am just going." He left the hospital without waiting for the father to answer.

    When the father was overjoyed at his son's recovery, he still became frustrated and said, "The doctor did not talk too much about me."

    So he called the nurse and said, "What kind of doctor is he, Mr. Camry? I wanted to talk to him and he just left me, what kind of crooked doctor is the hospital hiring?" 

    The nurse, with tears said, "Mister, please do not blame the doctor, he just lost his son to a car accident yesterday he just came for your son”.


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  • Story of Helen

    My name is Helen I was born in Addis Ababa. I was 24 years old.I was the mother of two children. I married my husband when I got separated from my first lover.

       My lover loved me very much and respected me very much. My first love teacher Danny, could not forget it. It was a controversial subject, and I always thought about it. After ten years, I found Danny in a taxi at McMahon's pajamas, he tried to kiss me but I did not try to convince myself and I started to yell at him, I told I have that I have to children him, he said "I live a lonely life and women chase me because of you. Now I am with you."

      My heart was broken, it was divided into two. Our love was gone, and we both got in love again. I asked by my lover how I was transforming, I repeatedly told him that it was wrong. My house was cold. My husband was confused. My dad was with me. I do not know what to do. Please give me your advice.


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  • "Abigiyal" story of a young women in relationship with her teacher

    My name is Abigiya My first love was my teacher Solomon, I never had a man before him. we was in love with four years but then things got different, he started to going out with many different women. My friends always told me but I could not see the mistakes. I did not want to lose or hate him, and my parents had already began to push me into unwanted marriage. And then when they found out about him they gave me an ultimatum, that I had to marry Solomon or this guy they proposed. I asked Solomon if he is willing to marry me and said yes right away and this got me thinking that maybe my friends told me lies to break us up. But then one day his phone was ringing a lot and wouldn’t pick it up and when I asked him he told me it was nothing then we screamed at each other for a long time and asked if what my friends told me was right and he told yes. He told that he love me very much but the sex was not good and I didn’t care about that. I told him I hated him and left him. After that I didn’t want to forgive talk to him but I knew I still had love for him.

         I got engaged with the man my family introduced me with. He is a good man his name is Abrha. When I told him about Solomon he ignored it. Abrha got sick and went to Addis Ababa he tells me to pick up the phone right away and he became very controlling he wanted to have many babies as soon as we can but I didn’t want that. So one day I told him my feeling about having babies then he just shut me out he lod me never to call him. He was getting very sick. 


    Solomon told me that he wanted to meet me for a second time, but he did not apologize for what he had done to me and I did not apologize to him for not finding him, so I did not know if he wanted me to go out and ask, why he did not want me to go to his house, why he did not want me to go to the church. He told me that he was sick and that I was going to sleep with him and we would be together if I wasn’t married. Abrha would be disgruntled with this I did not know what to do, and I would like to be with my ex-boyfriend, but I do not want to be bullied by my lover.

    My heart divided into two, what shall I do?

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  • Sad Love story of Almaz

    My name is Almaz, I was born in Asela. After I was 13 years I went to Zway to live with my aunt. She had a restaurant and I used to get there and help out after school. That is when I met the boy who ruined my life and he wasn’t even my age.

     At that time, he was the federal police officer who lives alone, and gradually we started to go in and out of the crowd, and my aunt heard about us. My aunt told me a lot about her anger and told me to stop shoveling but I could not leave him. So I went out of the house and got a little blanket from the house and I left school. After that I helped him my spare time, and I got other jobs, such as selling chewing gum and hair products, but life was very hard and I went to Arabia through a child from his home country, I started to learn that I did not want to have a healthy life. I went and started work. Then I was done.

     I was sending money and I finished my first contract and went back to Djibouti. Things started to change. Then I started to work again in the second cycle. Then one day I was told a bad news, I was told that I had a tumor in my head, and that I needed an operation. I made a lot of money for my hospitality, Mengestu was horrified when he heard about this, and I had to pay him a full amount of money to complete his trip back home, but I could hear him saying that he was in love with the house I had set up for him, It was not because I was preparing for her wedding but it was her graduation and I heard that there was no more heartbreaking betrayal.

      My heart was broken, sometimes I would cry and I would wake up in the middle of the night and try to call him. I could not even imagine how excited to get out of the operating room. I tried to call him at the phone but he was not willing to talk. His phone was not in his hand, his tears were gone. His lover asked him to leave me and he did.

    So my brothers and sisters, I am discouraged, I did have neither the money nor my health. I wish I could take it all back and listened to my aunt. 


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  • Preparation of Ethiopian traditional liquor


    10-12 kg of  smoothly hand crawled  malt.

    20-24 kg Bread of corn or maize, sorghum, or wheat flour.

    Hatchback or barrel

    Olive (catfish)

    Freezing pots

    Metal code

    1 1/5-meter-long palm or bamboo (for a strong cable on it)

    1 small bow

    Furnished with clay pad and one small pod




    The garlic is washed and dyed, and added to the wrap and wrapped wax with 40 liters of water.

    The baked bread is sliced ​​3 or 4 layers

    Bake the scissors and mix them, including in the jelly

    The gnaw is heavily detached and can last for 8 days

    Extract with 8 days of silk and add 15 pieces of spinach to the sauce,

    If we got ready to swing in small swabs, we would be taken to the oven to prepare to sit one on the other.

    The tip of the bottle hole is tucked away

    We do not want to go out of the way to get out of the bag

    The tip of the calyx, is inserted into a mud brick beaker 

    The bottom of the cuff will be placed one inch away from the other end

    The gutters sink deep into a bucket filled with water

    If the fossil fule and the nose contact it will ignite the flames.

    Can be cleaned 30 to 40 minutes after draining the sauce in the cocoon.

    We can take the paste as much as we want

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  • How to prepare Chicken Burger

    Chicken burger

    Important Ingredients



    Seduction (pepper)


    Lemon (washing)


    White onions and ginger


    For the dugout

    Wheat or powdered flour


    Squawk (if needed)



    White Cumin

    Black Cumin



    The chicken slaughtered in shovel to let its hair fall out and pulled its parts out of the loom.

    Sliced ​​onion and chopsticks and squeezed whole grains, including straw and butter.

    Stir frying with hot ginger including the chicken.

    Drain the ripe chicken and squeeze it in it.

    If the chickens fitted it to the water, the tails should be cleaned.

    For the bread

    Boil the leash in a glass of water

    Pomegranate Powder: Squid, Salt, Oil, White Cumin, Black Cumin: Awesome Mixing and Precipitation

    Dip a half dough on the lamb and the chicken.

    Then cover the rest on top and eat carefully.


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  • How to prepare ethiopian tradiotional " doro wet "



    - chicken

    - onion

    - Pepper

    - oil

    - butter

    - White onions and ginger (crushed)

    - boiled egg

    - Lemon (for the dishwasher)

    - Salt



    - Boil water

    - Clean the chicken thoroughly and rub the chicken in the boiled water

    - Wash well and remove the skin and remove its parts

    - Record the cutaneous organ for 30 minutes on a loam and salt

    - Squeeze the eggplant and place it in a large saucepan

    - When the onion is boiled, add oil and pepper, as needed, and cook well: roasted coriander, garlic and broccoli, and squeezing the onion shampoo with water-to thoroughly wash the chickens properly and adjust their bones and massage the meat.

    - Then squeeze in the nectar and place the water over it's lap

    - After the butter is cooked, mix thoroughly with the skillet and hot water.

    - If the meat is well cooked and the juice is corrected, dig graved slices and squashed.

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  • How to make Cabbage


    1 cabbage

    1/2 teaspoon of salt

    1/4 teaspoon of pepper sauce

    2 eggs

    1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

    1 sauce




    We wash and extract the cabbage

    If we can float in hot water, let go of the berry and drain the water

    Join the pancake with the pepper sauce

    Roll the flower gnaw into the oven and we roll it up on the fodder

    Rashing the oil on a warm hot pan and pouring it out of the pan and eating it warmly.



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  • How to cook Ethiopian pie


      1 cup of butter

      6 cup of coffee sliced ​​flour

      3 cup of vegetable sauce

      2 cup squegna

      5 eggs

      1 teaspoon of vanilla

      1/2 cup of milk

      3 teaspoon of baking powder


    Cooking procedure

     Cleansing and digestion of the apple

     Adding one egg over it and massage together

     Mixing the powder and the baking pad together with a bandage

     Mix the lime and milk

     Prepare to squeeze out the sliced ​​oil

     Dip the dough into a dishwasher and put it in half-board for a half-hour in the middle of a kiln and  remove the paper

     put it in the oven and check it with a thin stick

     Keep it for 5 minutes in the drawer

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  • Preparation of ethiopian food "Minchet Abish"


     1.Red beef






     7.Pepper sauce





    first Squeeze the meat into small sizes, 

    Cook thoroughly with hot syrup and cook until the water to finish goes out

    Then rinse with warm butter and pepper, stir in hot water

    after that we prepare the meat in a bowl, then put it in the sauce.

    Add the garlic and the ginger to the sauce and cook until the water goes out.

    Take the Pepper and salt carefully and eat it right away.


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