• Negadras Abebe Eshetu

    Negadras Abebe Eshetu -The first Ethiopian car driver and first engineer (from Germany) with the first mechanic.


     In 1900, Moses Hollis, a German who had returned to Ethiopia after his departure, asked German for three young men to teach him what he had taught in the country and he said: "Yes, my handmade hands are so clever enough to drive and repair a car. Let's go, "he said," because he decided to go to Germany to study the automobile for two and a half years.

    They are the first Ethiopian car driver and have a valid driver license (Germany). The first opera clay in Ethiopian music history was made by Negadras Abebe Eshetu and the age at Menelik (1910).

     When he went to Germany, he was able to get his driving training and gave the first Amharic melody with clay. Ask their German band "You Are Wise Voice" in their German style, playing the Ethiopian capital and vocalists in 17 styles. The company took a 17-month mark and paid 17,000 German markers to the drama owner.

    Not only in those days, but in our country, these areas are also collected in Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. These 16 clay peers comprise two double tons, with a total of 32 chords.


     Yeshua's name was Borna, father of Ato Esayatubu and his mother, Emanuel Welayes Habib, who was born on July 20, Their father, Ato Eshetu, was the head of Ras Mekonnen as he stood up and stabbed himself as he headed to Harar, where he took them as a babysitter and completed his studies at Harar. Their father, Ato Haste, was killed and he followed up with his teenage son, Asmara II, in Addis Ababa. He is the father of Ato Dedan, the father of Ethiopian sport.


    Negadras Tessema Eshete

    The first Ethiopian, the photographer, the songwriter, the poet, the artist, the businessman, the merchant, and driver and driver Negadras have been keen and eager to start a number of new things in their day. In addition to their song skills, they are said to be the pioneer of new skills by making various drawings and shapes.He was considered to be brave and he loved to express his passion and his views freely face-to-face. 

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  • Vehicle abusive dogs

    By Daniel Kibret

    Those who want to get married but don’t know what to do if they get married

    If they get the money they want they don’t know how to manage the money, those who want to go to foreign countries but don’t know what to do when they get there, those who want to finish school but they don’t know what to do when they do. They just want to be wealthy but don’t know what to do when they be one.Those who want to have power but don’t know how to run it. Those who open Facebook account for no good reason. Those who want information but don’t know what to do with it are called Vehicle abusive dogs.

    Getting married is one thing, and marriage is another.

    It is one thing to generate money and establishing an institution is another. It is one thing to be famous and living as a respected is another.

    It's one thing to stay the same way and being excited is another.

    They said that there was a farmer who had a dog.

    Every time it got to the side of the car, it was screaming to grab the car,

    the neighbor heard, he said, "is your dog a stupid one,why is  it trying to grab the fast car? Well, Do you think you can own a car? "


    The owner of the dog laughed and said: "I am not surprised

    If he continues to do so, one day he will pick up one car,

    It's another thing that amazes me.” The neighbor said, “From here

    What worse thing would you say? " The dog owner said, “I would be surprised if he could find the car for any day".

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