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  • Avocado the Super-Food

    Avocado the Super-Food


    Literature is about avocados, Avocado is one of Nutrition-Rich Foods


    It contains many elements.

    Vitamins and viruses, fiberglass inside

    The extremely small amount of fat is the world's favorite

    He made it a kind of fruit. My day

    My diet is modest.

    1. To lower cholesterol levels,

    The high levels of fats in the avocado

    Reduces the level of cholesterol in your body

    2. To reduce the risk of heart disease,

    The avocado contains vitamin C,

    Stroke also decreases our risk of exposure,

    3. Prevent aging and skin care

    4. Reduce your weight,

    5. For diabetics,

    Potassium found in good volumes in avocado

    Measuring the glucose in our valves

    The body's work and sugar levels are stable

    6. For the health,

    Avocado is a Good Vitamin A, C, E,

    H, K, and folic Acid origin. in addition

    They are found in magnesite, coconut, iron,

    Elements like calcium and potassium

    Vital to the development of the fetus. Avocado regularly

    Better suits of skin than regular seafood

    Hair, body aches, and mental growth

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  • Good health benefits of white garlic onion

    Good health benefits of white garlic onion

    used for medicines.

    White onion contains elements that prevent blood clotting.

    It helps to prevent hypertension.

    prevent a Heart attack due to blood clots.

    reduces the amount of the cholesterol level in our body

    it has physical ability to avoid allergic reactions.

    White onion: Reduces the flu strain

    And the stage is decreased


    The onion extract Insulin build up and insulin delivery in the body controlling sugars.

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  • How to control snoring

    About Snoring

    It’s a sound we make while we are sleeping.

    It may be a sign.

    -being alcohol

    - Symptoms of nasal congestion

    People who scoff

    Sleep in the daytime

    They find it difficult to sleep

    Depending on your sleep duration, asthma can be fatal

    have high blood pressure


    Adjust your way of sleeping

    Due to the fact that you slept on your back and softened your shoulders

    Sleep throat as it rises

    It causes the irritable sound to be heard. So.good

    Sleep can be a solution.

    Reduce your weight

    People who do not have body weight also thigh up.

    But the weight of human aggression

    After all, it may be the cause

    Do not drink alcohol

    Adjust your sleep time

    If you work long hours without breaks and finally

    After you've exhausted yourself, after bedding

    The throat muscles that will be able to flip apart

    Make the sound.

    Take plenty of liquids

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  • How to ease a toothache in the home

    To ease a toothache in the home

    For a variety of reasons.

    Many toothaches may be caused by tooth decay

    As it is, antibiotics are also used to relieve this pain

    It is more common to take such remedies.

    Also, at home

    1. White Garlic: contains ingredients in it

    Such as cure for a variety of diseases

    The white garlic serves as an antibiotic.

    2. Onion, bad toothache red onions: Traditionally called red onion.

    It's part of a genetic component.

    Sweat in onion when dental pain is present

    It also helps to relieve the pain, and additionally

    Red onions caused by tooth sickness

    It protects against infections and infections.

    3.a bad toothache

    Use good baking oils if you have one

    It is recommended...

    4. Liquid and salt: to relieve a toothache

    Using water and salt water from recommended activities

    Is included.

    To do this, use only water and half the pot

    When we need salt, it is free of bitter water and salt

    We need to merge well.

    We put this in our mouth

    Shaking helps to ease a toothache

    It is often recommended.

    5. Ice: Ice to reduce tooth decay

    Uses are listed as an option.

    Whether by putting the snow in a plastic case or

    Put on a clean cloth over a clean cloth for 15 minutes


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  • Easy home remedies to remove Acne

    Acne is one of the problems that happen in our skin.

    The most common form of acne is the presence of large amounts of carcinogenic carcinoma in the body parts of the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders. If you are on a high-end diet, you can have psychological damage and skin scarring, such as depression and anxiety, which can bring the victim's social and workplace stress.

    it is the Irregular shedding of dead skin cells (Irregular shedding of dead skin cells).

    • Risks for acne

    · Hypothyroidism, pregnancy, menstrual cycle 2 to 5 days before menstrual cycle, people taking certain medications (estrogen, leptin, and estrogen)

    · Grease or oily substances or certain cosmetics (cosmetics)

    . Pain and tension in the skin: Helmets, phones, sturdy clothes

    Aggravating factors

    · Hormones-for example, when taking puberty, taking certain medications, such as estrogen, pregnancy, and acne, during adolescence-Israel, leptin, and estrogen

    • Certain foods: Veterinary foods and dairy products and carbohydrate-rich foods (dairy products and carbohydrate-rich foods)

    How to prevent acne

    Avoid dirt and dead skin cells. Avoid excessive skin odor and dead skin cells. Avoid excessive washing as it may cause skin irritation and blemishes.

    · Excessive use of over feathered makeup: choose more than one cosmetics instead of charcoal. For example, when cosmetics are used in the cold, the skin does not boil.

    • Before accepting a message,

    Washing: The skin of your cosmetics sleeps from the skin of your cosmetics, which will result in the appearance of puffy outerwear. The make-up brush sticks should always be soaked with soap and water.

    • Dressing up collared clothes-wearing clothes that are warm and moist because they contain warmth and moisture. Hernandes and sportswear also need not be too strict if they are able to reduce their sense of humor.

    Do not forget to wash your saliva after you have done heavy work or physical activity: remove sweat and fatty acids and bacteria.

    · Avoid excessive ointment without a prescription. Doctors can also take benzoic prophylactic or silicic acid containing lubricant or gel.


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  • Food poisoning/bowel injuries

    Food poisoning/bowel injuries

    Gastrointestinal or diarrhea is a type of illness that occurs when we eat contaminated food with viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

    These germs can be contaminated during cooking 

    Factors that increase the risk of a bowel cancer

    • Older people become vulnerable since they tend to weaken their immune systems,

    • Pregnant women are most at risk for the tendonitis

    • Infants are less likely to develop a tendency to develop nausea because of their weak immunity

    Diarrhea signs

    Food poisoning/bowel syndrome occurs after hours of contaminated food.

    • The symptoms - nausea



    Stomachaches and fever. These symptoms may last for days.

    When should you go to the doctor?

    • If there is a blood vessel leaking or diarrhea

    • There is diarrhea that lasts more than 3 days

    • There is a high level of bellyache

    • Have high fever

    • High water thirst, dry mouth, tiredness, swelling, and little urine.

    What do we need to do to prevent food poisoning?

    • Keeping clean of hand sanitizer, cooking appliances and dishes

    • Dieting of raw/unburnt foods

    • Store your food in a clean place and cook at a uniform temperature

    • If you want to keep your food, keep it in the refrigerator and prevent it from contamination

    • It is wise to immediately remove your food if you feel it has been contaminated

    Kidney Disease / Food Dangers: It is a good idea to apply the above precautions, as it is a disease that can cause fatal and life-threatening infections to babies, pregnant women, aging and afflicted ones.

    If there are symptoms, they should go to the treatment area quickly and get the solution.

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  • causes for gynecological disorders

    ways in which gynecological disorders can happen


    2.being alcoholic

    3. Some medicines for long-term use

    4. The types of foods we eat

    Here are some of the information I read from books.

    * Foods that can be eaten by the patient.

    1. Fruits - It is important to include fruits in our daily diet because it contains vitamins, fiber and olive oils for healthy vitamins.

    Fruits, such as apples, bananas, and watermelon, are a type of food that is suitable for gastric patients.

    2. Vegetation: Eating different types of vegetables is suitable for gastric patients, but not recommended for use on garlic and garlic juices.

    3. Dairy and Dairy: Sufferers of gum and dairy products are suitable for people with gum disease, but a small group of people can get it worse. It is therefore advisable to only take the people who are eligible.

    4. Meat Chicken and Fish - These meals can be eaten by gastric by-patients, and can be avoided without eating spices and oils.

    5. Turning the food into the dairy, oatmeal, rice, potatoes, barley, pasta, macaroni instead of foods like meat and meat is healthful.

    6. Beverages A good fluid can significantly ease the seizures of the stomach. Drinking pure water is most beneficial to our bodies.

    It is not recommended that people with gum disease be treated like coffee and tea.


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