Love Stories

  • Story of Helen

    My name is Helen I was born in Addis Ababa. I was 24 years old.I was the mother of two children. I married my husband when I got separated from my first lover.

       My lover loved me very much and respected me very much. My first love teacher Danny, could not forget it. It was a controversial subject, and I always thought about it. After ten years, I found Danny in a taxi at McMahon's pajamas, he tried to kiss me but I did not try to convince myself and I started to yell at him, I told I have that I have to children him, he said "I live a lonely life and women chase me because of you. Now I am with you."

      My heart was broken, it was divided into two. Our love was gone, and we both got in love again. I asked by my lover how I was transforming, I repeatedly told him that it was wrong. My house was cold. My husband was confused. My dad was with me. I do not know what to do. Please give me your advice.


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  • "Abigiyal" story of a young women in relationship with her teacher

    My name is Abigiya My first love was my teacher Solomon, I never had a man before him. we was in love with four years but then things got different, he started to going out with many different women. My friends always told me but I could not see the mistakes. I did not want to lose or hate him, and my parents had already began to push me into unwanted marriage. And then when they found out about him they gave me an ultimatum, that I had to marry Solomon or this guy they proposed. I asked Solomon if he is willing to marry me and said yes right away and this got me thinking that maybe my friends told me lies to break us up. But then one day his phone was ringing a lot and wouldn’t pick it up and when I asked him he told me it was nothing then we screamed at each other for a long time and asked if what my friends told me was right and he told yes. He told that he love me very much but the sex was not good and I didn’t care about that. I told him I hated him and left him. After that I didn’t want to forgive talk to him but I knew I still had love for him.

         I got engaged with the man my family introduced me with. He is a good man his name is Abrha. When I told him about Solomon he ignored it. Abrha got sick and went to Addis Ababa he tells me to pick up the phone right away and he became very controlling he wanted to have many babies as soon as we can but I didn’t want that. So one day I told him my feeling about having babies then he just shut me out he lod me never to call him. He was getting very sick. 


    Solomon told me that he wanted to meet me for a second time, but he did not apologize for what he had done to me and I did not apologize to him for not finding him, so I did not know if he wanted me to go out and ask, why he did not want me to go to his house, why he did not want me to go to the church. He told me that he was sick and that I was going to sleep with him and we would be together if I wasn’t married. Abrha would be disgruntled with this I did not know what to do, and I would like to be with my ex-boyfriend, but I do not want to be bullied by my lover.

    My heart divided into two, what shall I do?

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  • Sad Love story of Almaz

    My name is Almaz, I was born in Asela. After I was 13 years I went to Zway to live with my aunt. She had a restaurant and I used to get there and help out after school. That is when I met the boy who ruined my life and he wasn’t even my age.

     At that time, he was the federal police officer who lives alone, and gradually we started to go in and out of the crowd, and my aunt heard about us. My aunt told me a lot about her anger and told me to stop shoveling but I could not leave him. So I went out of the house and got a little blanket from the house and I left school. After that I helped him my spare time, and I got other jobs, such as selling chewing gum and hair products, but life was very hard and I went to Arabia through a child from his home country, I started to learn that I did not want to have a healthy life. I went and started work. Then I was done.

     I was sending money and I finished my first contract and went back to Djibouti. Things started to change. Then I started to work again in the second cycle. Then one day I was told a bad news, I was told that I had a tumor in my head, and that I needed an operation. I made a lot of money for my hospitality, Mengestu was horrified when he heard about this, and I had to pay him a full amount of money to complete his trip back home, but I could hear him saying that he was in love with the house I had set up for him, It was not because I was preparing for her wedding but it was her graduation and I heard that there was no more heartbreaking betrayal.

      My heart was broken, sometimes I would cry and I would wake up in the middle of the night and try to call him. I could not even imagine how excited to get out of the operating room. I tried to call him at the phone but he was not willing to talk. His phone was not in his hand, his tears were gone. His lover asked him to leave me and he did.

    So my brothers and sisters, I am discouraged, I did have neither the money nor my health. I wish I could take it all back and listened to my aunt. 


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