Amazing Story of the Doctor


A Doctor who was called in for emergency surgery came to the hospital. He went to the clinic where the operation will be carried out.

As he went in, the boy's father was angry with the doctor's delay.

After arriving in the room, the father said, "Do you have a reason to be this late?" "Do we have to wait for you while my son is suffering like this, he cloud have died if you were any later.?" "Medallion vows, I'm going to check-up, do not you take a little responsibility?" The father yelled at the doctor.

The doctor tried to smile and said, "I'm sorry, I was far away from the hospital, but when you called, I got here quick, so please calm down now, okay, I have to work."

The person was more irritated by the doctor's reply. "How do you feel if your child is found in this kind of situation?" "Tell me, do not you feel that your son is just a child and his life is gone?" said the father with his anger out of control.

The doctor still smiled and said, "The Lord is the only one to save your child from death, and the medical professionals are not capable of sustaining their lives, and we are still trying to save your child's life with the help of God."

Father is still speechless. "It's easy to give that advice," he murmured, "the one who has no problem can give it."

The doctor worked on the baby for hours, and then called the father and said, "Thanks to the lord, your child has undergone a successful operation, and if you have any question, ask her, she is a nurse, and now I am just going." He left the hospital without waiting for the father to answer.

When the father was overjoyed at his son's recovery, he still became frustrated and said, "The doctor did not talk too much about me."

So he called the nurse and said, "What kind of doctor is he, Mr. Camry? I wanted to talk to him and he just left me, what kind of crooked doctor is the hospital hiring?" 

The nurse, with tears said, "Mister, please do not blame the doctor, he just lost his son to a car accident yesterday he just came for your son”.


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