Tedros Kassahun (Teddy Afro), released his fifth album

, "Ethiopia", which has sold out from 50 birr to 100 birr last Wednesday.

The website, called "cdbaby", which sold the album for $ 10 on the Internet, has revealed that the musician’s  album broke the record of all Ethiopian albums.

Generally, the first half of the album was released and half a million albums were released later on, and the album has created a good opportunity for CD-ROM sellers.

We were told to sell the audio album on Wednesday morning about 2:00 pm, and we had to sell the album for a while. He also sold more than 50 percent of the album for every single one hundred birr, starting from 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM. He also said that some retailers sold at 80 and 70 birr.

A taxi driver who bought the album said that he had gone to the bus stop at around 12 am, because he didn’t to miss the album.

On the book known as "love for the true Oromo and Amara," affirmed by Dear Sister Tolossa on her Facebook page: "Why do you love Tewodros Kassaune and music for the people?", In the last 25 years, the music is anti-racism.

Zedealen Tadesse, a great writer, wrote that Atse Tewodros has been re-announced as "King Tewodros." The Ethiopian nationality of this song has been highly prized. Most fans of the artists posted on their Facebook page that they liked music of national content.

"Ethiopia" album, produced by the newly established "Kolia CD and DVD-maker" in the Dukem Industry Zone, was launched in the newly established "CDA CDDD DVD-maker", which has been filmed by CD-ROM.On the last Tuesday, regional and local merchants said that we were waiting for a long line of waiters, who were paying a bunch of banknotes when they came to register.

According to some sources, the album was delayed for two weeks to change to the existing carbon market, which is said to have been delayed for two weeks. . The 500,000 booklet was made every fourteen dollars, and the staff of the temporary workers agreed to pay a 20-cent coin to cover one cup of wine. For the bucket and the baking work, it is 5 m. The bill was also disclosed.


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