causes for gynecological disorders

ways in which gynecological disorders can happen


2.being alcoholic

3. Some medicines for long-term use

4. The types of foods we eat

Here are some of the information I read from books.

* Foods that can be eaten by the patient.

1. Fruits - It is important to include fruits in our daily diet because it contains vitamins, fiber and olive oils for healthy vitamins.

Fruits, such as apples, bananas, and watermelon, are a type of food that is suitable for gastric patients.

2. Vegetation: Eating different types of vegetables is suitable for gastric patients, but not recommended for use on garlic and garlic juices.

3. Dairy and Dairy: Sufferers of gum and dairy products are suitable for people with gum disease, but a small group of people can get it worse. It is therefore advisable to only take the people who are eligible.

4. Meat Chicken and Fish - These meals can be eaten by gastric by-patients, and can be avoided without eating spices and oils.

5. Turning the food into the dairy, oatmeal, rice, potatoes, barley, pasta, macaroni instead of foods like meat and meat is healthful.

6. Beverages A good fluid can significantly ease the seizures of the stomach. Drinking pure water is most beneficial to our bodies.

It is not recommended that people with gum disease be treated like coffee and tea.


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