Food poisoning/bowel injuries

Food poisoning/bowel injuries

Gastrointestinal or diarrhea is a type of illness that occurs when we eat contaminated food with viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

These germs can be contaminated during cooking 

Factors that increase the risk of a bowel cancer

• Older people become vulnerable since they tend to weaken their immune systems,

• Pregnant women are most at risk for the tendonitis

• Infants are less likely to develop a tendency to develop nausea because of their weak immunity

Diarrhea signs

Food poisoning/bowel syndrome occurs after hours of contaminated food.

• The symptoms - nausea



Stomachaches and fever. These symptoms may last for days.

When should you go to the doctor?

• If there is a blood vessel leaking or diarrhea

• There is diarrhea that lasts more than 3 days

• There is a high level of bellyache

• Have high fever

• High water thirst, dry mouth, tiredness, swelling, and little urine.

What do we need to do to prevent food poisoning?

• Keeping clean of hand sanitizer, cooking appliances and dishes

• Dieting of raw/unburnt foods

• Store your food in a clean place and cook at a uniform temperature

• If you want to keep your food, keep it in the refrigerator and prevent it from contamination

• It is wise to immediately remove your food if you feel it has been contaminated

Kidney Disease / Food Dangers: It is a good idea to apply the above precautions, as it is a disease that can cause fatal and life-threatening infections to babies, pregnant women, aging and afflicted ones.

If there are symptoms, they should go to the treatment area quickly and get the solution.

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