Easy home remedies to remove Acne

Acne is one of the problems that happen in our skin.

The most common form of acne is the presence of large amounts of carcinogenic carcinoma in the body parts of the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders. If you are on a high-end diet, you can have psychological damage and skin scarring, such as depression and anxiety, which can bring the victim's social and workplace stress.

it is the Irregular shedding of dead skin cells (Irregular shedding of dead skin cells).

• Risks for acne

· Hypothyroidism, pregnancy, menstrual cycle 2 to 5 days before menstrual cycle, people taking certain medications (estrogen, leptin, and estrogen)

· Grease or oily substances or certain cosmetics (cosmetics)

. Pain and tension in the skin: Helmets, phones, sturdy clothes

Aggravating factors

· Hormones-for example, when taking puberty, taking certain medications, such as estrogen, pregnancy, and acne, during adolescence-Israel, leptin, and estrogen

• Certain foods: Veterinary foods and dairy products and carbohydrate-rich foods (dairy products and carbohydrate-rich foods)

How to prevent acne

Avoid dirt and dead skin cells. Avoid excessive skin odor and dead skin cells. Avoid excessive washing as it may cause skin irritation and blemishes.

· Excessive use of over feathered makeup: choose more than one cosmetics instead of charcoal. For example, when cosmetics are used in the cold, the skin does not boil.

• Before accepting a message,

Washing: The skin of your cosmetics sleeps from the skin of your cosmetics, which will result in the appearance of puffy outerwear. The make-up brush sticks should always be soaked with soap and water.

• Dressing up collared clothes-wearing clothes that are warm and moist because they contain warmth and moisture. Hernandes and sportswear also need not be too strict if they are able to reduce their sense of humor.

Do not forget to wash your saliva after you have done heavy work or physical activity: remove sweat and fatty acids and bacteria.

· Avoid excessive ointment without a prescription. Doctors can also take benzoic prophylactic or silicic acid containing lubricant or gel.


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