How to control snoring

About Snoring

It’s a sound we make while we are sleeping.

It may be a sign.

-being alcohol

- Symptoms of nasal congestion

People who scoff

Sleep in the daytime

They find it difficult to sleep

Depending on your sleep duration, asthma can be fatal

have high blood pressure


Adjust your way of sleeping

Due to the fact that you slept on your back and softened your shoulders

Sleep throat as it rises

It causes the irritable sound to be heard. So.good

Sleep can be a solution.

Reduce your weight

People who do not have body weight also thigh up.

But the weight of human aggression

After all, it may be the cause

Do not drink alcohol

Adjust your sleep time

If you work long hours without breaks and finally

After you've exhausted yourself, after bedding

The throat muscles that will be able to flip apart

Make the sound.

Take plenty of liquids

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