How to cook Ethiopian pie


  1 cup of butter

  6 cup of coffee sliced ​​flour

  3 cup of vegetable sauce

  2 cup squegna

  5 eggs

  1 teaspoon of vanilla

  1/2 cup of milk

  3 teaspoon of baking powder


Cooking procedure

 Cleansing and digestion of the apple

 Adding one egg over it and massage together

 Mixing the powder and the baking pad together with a bandage

 Mix the lime and milk

 Prepare to squeeze out the sliced ​​oil

 Dip the dough into a dishwasher and put it in half-board for a half-hour in the middle of a kiln and  remove the paper

 put it in the oven and check it with a thin stick

 Keep it for 5 minutes in the drawer

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