Avocado the Super-Food

Avocado the Super-Food


Literature is about avocados, Avocado is one of Nutrition-Rich Foods


It contains many elements.

Vitamins and viruses, fiberglass inside

The extremely small amount of fat is the world's favorite

He made it a kind of fruit. My day

My diet is modest.

1. To lower cholesterol levels,

The high levels of fats in the avocado

Reduces the level of cholesterol in your body

2. To reduce the risk of heart disease,

The avocado contains vitamin C,

Stroke also decreases our risk of exposure,

3. Prevent aging and skin care

4. Reduce your weight,

5. For diabetics,

Potassium found in good volumes in avocado

Measuring the glucose in our valves

The body's work and sugar levels are stable

6. For the health,

Avocado is a Good Vitamin A, C, E,

H, K, and folic Acid origin. in addition

They are found in magnesite, coconut, iron,

Elements like calcium and potassium

Vital to the development of the fetus. Avocado regularly

Better suits of skin than regular seafood

Hair, body aches, and mental growth

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