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I'm not asking this question to argue that Oromfia deserves to official language or not.instead relating to the change in name of Addis Ababa to Finfinee and that Oromifa is going to be an additional official language my aim is to minimize the historical fact that is being hindered by those who claim to be intellectuals.I referred to those who claim to be intellectuals specifically because I don't think the opinion of the other society as a true source of history or truth inflation due to lack of information.ratherim seeing people who seemed ignorant about this situation using their humor to converse their ideas.

sometimes I'm astonished.those who profess to be intellectuals have the courage to deny the truth.also, i don't know how but conscience, philosophy is not being given the value they should have.actually those intellectuals don't support religious and social their opinion those views are logical.because they think those views are originated from psychology.i don't know how  it looks like in the rest of the world but Ethiopian scholars have got no place for logic.but we have been able to notice most of the major and leading experts including the scholars hiding behind the scenes of such drama.falsehood has lived with us for a long time, as it has always been.but i feel religious and cultural values of ours have been hindering  the power of lie but in some cases, we have seen lying is destroying in many misdeeds. 

. It was the same in Ethiopia. The fifties began with fiction, but it is still being challenged to undermine it until now. That generation believed the previous generation religion, and social values were a product of the nation's population. The reason for this is that multinationals have been unable to create a better justice for the people of Ethiopia. If we all had to do what we had to do to achieve his own goals, we would see that they had done all the right things to do, even if they had the power to do so. Observe all 60 units. TPLF, EPRP, Shabiya, and others have not passed around the level of justice and personalities. As the Tigrayan People's Liberation Tigray in the Tigrayan population in the Bush, to succeed in its goal Tigrayan people were slaughtered and even been vulnerable to famine and famine. Today, it's no wonder that an enemy to the Ethiopian people today. The TPLF is an example, but not all of the contemporary groups have the same purpose. In order to achieve that goal, they all lived in solidarity with every Ethiopian foundation. They were the main target of the social and religious values of the people. 

So the generation and strategy since then have largely been based on lies and emotions. As a child, I did not think that radio and television was a lie. Now it's easier to say if reality is ever told. There was much to read when the journalist, Meles and Lemongrass (the constitution) adopted the Constitution of the Addis Ababa Special Administrative Region. I was not impressed by the whole truth, and I did not appreciate the reading before, but the fact that Ethiopian radio televised with the radio did not sound like a blatant lie. It seems that he repeatedly does not claim to be true, but it seems that he feels abandoned when people are told they are repeated. This is the political process. Not surprisingly.

Destruction of destruction is the course of a distortion of scholars' falsehood and unreliable information. And this is a lie from scholars, which is what I think is the ultimate motive for entering Ethiopia today. They are following the teachings of the educators as chapters. Let's get out of here. As we are the biggest forum in Addis Ababa, we are still scrutinizing many controversial issues. We know, of course, that the Proclamation is a real alternative to the Oromo people. Groups of people who have come and gone before are still taking advantage of the history of the history of racial abuse. Some of the people in the city of Oromo also try to bury the story of people living in Oromo before their arrival in Oromo. Before the establishment of Addis Ababa, it was only about 300 years to describe the "Oromo people" in that area. Those who lived before were at least speaking today in the Oromo language. These people had a reputation for their places. It was their own identity. This is the way, to begin with if we say the truth. Now it is clear that another problem may have arisen from the fact that it has been observed by a group of people who have lived in the truth. I have taken examples of the people of Zimbabwe in the last article. All Oromo people who are fasting for Oromo is should be told that they are destroying the history and identity of the other people. We know that many stories in the Oromo people are ruined. Recently, Zelaya was told that he had been told that he was an Oromo. In the early Middle Ages, in its infallibility, it was known as 1000 years. The narcissistic hesitancy is silent, and he's gone astray. The history of many ancient peoples is declining. What is happening to the Addis Abeba and its surrounding areas is what the people who are speaking today are Graz and Northern Shewa. This does not mean that today's Aphasia language does not apply to the local people. Today there are no traditional Oromo people living here. Instead, we think there are many other people who have changed their personality to the Oromo.

It is impossible to build a country and build a story without it. It all comes down to the question. It can not be said that there is a sense of feeling in Oromia. In addition to this, the people of Addis Ababa now have more rights than the people of Oromo today. I do not need to be given the opportunity to say that we should hold the position of Oromo as our capital. Today the Oromo language was not the foundation, but the geographical location. This can be true.

The historian should be the revelation if asked in the local language what was considered. In reality, Addis Ababa is home to many people. That's the truth of its administration. Oromo, as a part of the locality and the city itself, should be able to benefit from the participation of every citizen in the region, but also to bring about another confusion about the baseless gorilla. Being learned is changing things, planning, and moving into action.

All the problems that existed at the moment were numbered at least at the University of the United States. Nowadays, the Oromo people are turning their backs on the problems that the people of other nations have lost in the history and popularity of the people. Particularly Oromo and Amhara, as well as a large population, we are obviously extending their sympathy to Oromo and Amhara's. Oromo and Amhara are the victims of the problem. But the people who oppressed these two names actually had a great number of people. Another Oromo Oromo speaker, also known as the Oromo

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