Culturally rich city of Ethiopia,Bihar Dar

 The fifth Ethiopian music day was celebrated with a variety of artistic events.The founder of Addis Admas journalist Nafkot Joseph did the following interviewed Tsegaye Gebremariam, Head of Public Relations Bureau of the City Government about the city's tourism, investment and security situation.

- Bahirdar has provided many natural blessings for the people.

- A community cleanup campaign will take place once a month for the Mayor to participate

- There is an open campaign in Bahar Dar; the city is completely peaceful

What is the significance of the fifth Ethiopian Music Day in the city?

The 5th Ethiopian Music Day is held in the Bahir from Friday to Sunday. Our city, Bahir Dar, especially the city administration, culture, and tourism department, asked the administration. The Mayor Committee provided appropriate support to the fact that the holiday was celebrated. Various events are held during the music celebration. For example, a panel discussion was held on the topic "the music of Amhara from where to where"? In this discussion, how much of the music of the Amhara region has been in the past and in the present, the phenomenon that the Amharas' musical genres continue to be or are broken.The fifth day of the music will be a place where young musicians of the city and of our region will gain more insight and inspiration about their traditional music. On the other hand, one of the events is a music festival, and the audience is a crowd of young musicians who have a dream of becoming musicians. As the largest musicians in our country, the young artists who pass beyond the stage of music enjoy the experience of these ladies. Thanks to these and other big things, we have allowed the music to be celebrated here.

Does the city have the money, in other words, to allow for the day's music to be celebrated in the city?

In addition to allowing this event to be honored here, we have funded the Alabama Music and Theater Initiative. On the other hand, accommodation, transport, food services were provided to guests until the event was completed. Additionally, our city administrators have been doing a great deal of work on the part of the city administrators, who have done a great deal of support for the program.

The largest lake in Ethiopia, not only Amharas or Ethiopia's wealth but also the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), is the world heritage. But natural and man-made problems are being said. What is the city doing to save this lake?

Therefore, the town is called Beauman. The reason is that the aboard passes through the center of the town and the toppers cover part of the city. Not only the establishment of Bahir Dar but also the Tana and Tana are the major contributors to the development. There are natural and man-made problems that you can not afford. Too much work is being done to solve this problem. A lot of work is being done to prevent pollution, as the city is growing and expanding because of the abundance of sewage dries.

How is the prevention work being done?

We work in collaboration with the City Administration of Multifamily and Bahir Dar University. For example, in the case of a large number of grass species, such as the Papyrus, previously known as the Bahamas, Flooded soil can be absorbed by the straw and only water can be absorbed. On the other hand, there are tourist resorts that are well-established around the city. These centers work to monitor the waste from the lakes.

How do you control it?

When the first hotels and lodges are built, their designs will be studied. It does not hurt the peace of the lake. A great deal of control is taken after sewage removal. The next step is on how to safeguard tana.

The city administration is in consultation with the university about what is needed to eradicate this weed.

Monuments, museums, and many tourist attractions are found on the Tana Islands. Issues related to infrastructure development, public awareness, and other related issues have been shown to attract more tourists. What are you doing here?

The city of Bahir Dar is not only the city center but also the surrounding satellite towns and rural kebeles. This is especially true of the Zagreb river, but it has a way of providing one-way passenger-side transportation, not full water. He said, "Glory! When you look up, there are Dega Estifanos,Garga Selassie and Tana Kirkos. These monasteries are especially Entoros Eyesus, Gabriel, and Zegie Peninsula, all of whom are Zage Giorgis, Betre Mariam, Azewa mariam, Ura Kidanmihret, Yegandha Teklehiminomat. In these monasteries, there are nine churches. All of these are managed by Bahir Dar city administration. These natural resources and monasteries are taking the great role of the city's tourism expansion. So how to make these resources more accessible, the people around these monasteries are working with the "Nabu", as a well-known group. The work is expanding more infrastructure, increasing the awareness of the public and increasing the awareness of the city, the region and the people and the people.


Which of these areas is more appealing to tourists?

This is especially the case of Zage Peninsula. By the way, beyond these monasteries, there are many birds and wildlife around the Tana. The increase in the number of these birds and beasts is underway. On the other hand, the people living in the confines of the crater are a direct beneficiary of the diverse range of traditional handicrafts, ammunition, crafts, and handicrafts from fruits and vegetables. But to update the public to a better level, All are in process; the result will be displayed soon. There is also water transportation service providers, including tourist tour operators. These associations are organized by young people. Travel agencies offer translation services and make purchases available to the visitors for a comfortable view. It is a blessing that the natural city of Bahirdar is a natural city. But we have to do more to make sure we have more of these - this will be our homework.


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