How to prepare ethiopian tradiotional " doro wet "



- chicken

- onion

- Pepper

- oil

- butter

- White onions and ginger (crushed)

- boiled egg

- Lemon (for the dishwasher)

- Salt



- Boil water

- Clean the chicken thoroughly and rub the chicken in the boiled water

- Wash well and remove the skin and remove its parts

- Record the cutaneous organ for 30 minutes on a loam and salt

- Squeeze the eggplant and place it in a large saucepan

- When the onion is boiled, add oil and pepper, as needed, and cook well: roasted coriander, garlic and broccoli, and squeezing the onion shampoo with water-to thoroughly wash the chickens properly and adjust their bones and massage the meat.

- Then squeeze in the nectar and place the water over it's lap

- After the butter is cooked, mix thoroughly with the skillet and hot water.

- If the meat is well cooked and the juice is corrected, dig graved slices and squashed.

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