Preparation of Ethiopian traditional liquor


10-12 kg of  smoothly hand crawled  malt.

20-24 kg Bread of corn or maize, sorghum, or wheat flour.

Hatchback or barrel

Olive (catfish)

Freezing pots

Metal code

1 1/5-meter-long palm or bamboo (for a strong cable on it)

1 small bow

Furnished with clay pad and one small pod




The garlic is washed and dyed, and added to the wrap and wrapped wax with 40 liters of water.

The baked bread is sliced ​​3 or 4 layers

Bake the scissors and mix them, including in the jelly

The gnaw is heavily detached and can last for 8 days

Extract with 8 days of silk and add 15 pieces of spinach to the sauce,

If we got ready to swing in small swabs, we would be taken to the oven to prepare to sit one on the other.

The tip of the bottle hole is tucked away

We do not want to go out of the way to get out of the bag

The tip of the calyx, is inserted into a mud brick beaker 

The bottom of the cuff will be placed one inch away from the other end

The gutters sink deep into a bucket filled with water

If the fossil fule and the nose contact it will ignite the flames.

Can be cleaned 30 to 40 minutes after draining the sauce in the cocoon.

We can take the paste as much as we want

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